adidas Originals House Party

Nouvelle campagne d'adidas pour celebrer les 60ans. 
Pas tres fan de la musique, le titre est quand meme bien cramé, mais y'a du monde a voir !

"It's the house party to end all house parties and you're invited. From sport to street styles, we've been outfitting the world in 3 stripes for decades.

Now it's time to celebrate 60 Years of Soles and Stripes and we're doing it like only adidas Originals can. All our friends are here including David Beckham, Katy Perry, Kevin Garnett, Missy Elliott, and Mark Gonzales.

All the celebrities, athletes, and kids who have helped make us who we are today. And with everybody under one roof, things are going off."

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Boogie Studio a dit…

Hi Everyone,

If you like the song for the Adidas Originals House Party, it was made originally by Frankie Valli and it's called Beggin. The song was remix by Pelooski. Other remix versions where also created by Boogie Studio for the web videos.

If anyone wants to hear the proposed remix created for web videos, feel free to check them out at:


Benoit Martel
Boogie Studio

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