Michel Gondry X Seth Rogen = Green Hornet

Michel Gondry va realiser le Green Hornet de Seth Rogen et Evan Goldberg : 
Seth Rogen : "With the permission of nobody, I sent him our script ... to get his input and ideally convince the studio to meet with him. They were skeptical of ... I wouldn't say his ability to make a giant budget studio movie, but his willingness to make a giant budget studio movie. But he loved the script, he totally got it, which a lot of [potential directors] just didn't."

Que va donner la rencontre entre les createurs de Superbad et le realisation de "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind ? 
SR : "'It will be a great combination of ... both of our styles". 
De l'humour potache avec de l'adhesif et du carton en quelque sorte. 
Pour résumer sérieusement :  
"It should have the type of conversational tone and comedy that me and Evan have been doing — and some of the action that we have been starting to try to do — along with the wild, visual imagination and funny awkward sensibility that he's been doing."

Seth Rogen sera Britt Reid et c'est Stephen Chow qui reprendra le role de Kato interprété à l'époque dans la série par Bruce Lee.
Le film devrait sortir aux Etats Unis en Juin 2010.

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