50 cent au casting du prochain Stallone

50 cent (Curtis Jackson) remplacera Forest Whitaker dans le prochain film de Stallone au casting plutot relevé. Outre Mickey Rourke, Jet li, Jason Statham, Eric Roberts, Stallone himself, on y verra une apparation d' Arnold Schwarzenegger dans son propre rôle de gouverneur de Californie.
Le tournage de "The Expendables" commencera dans les prochaines semaines. L'arrivé de 50 cent dans le casting avait été  reçu plutot froidement par les fans de Sly qui dans un communiqué sur son site a expliqué son choix : 
"Please tell the loyal followers to be positive not negative in their feedback. I am not self destructive. The anger of the casting of 50 Cent is understandable, but not fair. A player is only as good as his coach. 
So, trust me, thechange of Forest Whitaker to 50 Cent AKA Curtis Jackson is a good one. No one thought Dolph Lundgren was a good choice for ROCKY or Mr. T. Carl Weathers was an afterthought when Ken Naughton fell out. The same with Talia Shire and Richard Crenna, who was known as a comedic actor, not a serious one.

Nobody wanted Eric Roberts over Ben Kingsley, but I believe it's a vastly improved casting. The point is, you either believe in me and the project, setting your personal feelings aside, or you take a darker approach, which really serves no purpose since your insight and suggestions and overall enthusiasm are a great thrill for me to behold everyday I sign on.
Signing off -
Your friend,
P.S. Also, for clarification:
Hale Caesar is Curtis Jackson , Toll Road is Randy Couture, Monroe is Eric Roberts, Tool (an ex-Expendable) is Mickey Rourke, Bao is Jet Li, Lee Christmas is Jason Statham, Lacy is Charisma Carpenter, Sandra is Giselle Itie (famous Brazilian actress) And Barney 'the schizo' Ross is Yours Truly.

P.S.S. By the way, there's enough testosterone and ego in this film to float a large continent covered in elephants, but I'm enjoying it."

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Alex a dit…

Fifty dans le rôle d'un mercenaire.. Comme dans ses "jeux" quoi :-)

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