Shepard Fairey tacle Obama

Tout le monde connait Shepard Fairey, et beaucoup sans vraiment le savoir. Graphiste de Talent dans le milieu underground de la musique et du skate, pour le grand public il est connu pour avoir réalisé la fameuse illustration de Obama (ci dessus), pour les autres, on connait surtout son travail à travers Obey Giant . Je vous invite à aller voir le site, je ne vais pas vous refaire sa bio.
Même si l'affiche de Shepard à fait rentré le candidat Obama dans la popculture et lui a donné une image quasi iconique, l'artiste comme beaucoup d'américains se reveille aujourd'hui avec la gueule de bois et exprime son désarroi face aux actions de son président, sur son blog. intéressant.

"The escalation in Afghanistan, the weak health care reform, detainee abuse not being shared with the public… on a number of issues I’m very disappointed in Obama. I hate being in a position where I’ll either be characterized as having “turned” on Obama for speaking out, or for being a “brainwashed cheerleader” if I give him more time to get it together. The last thing I want is to do is de facto strengthen the Republican’s position by attacking Obama, but I think he needs to be pushed. I don’t think Obama is a bad human being, I just think he is not being brave enough. In some regards I think Obama is just the messenger, letting us know he’s caved in to corporate and political forces we have all done too little to keep in check. I must qualify that by saying SOME people like Robert Greenwald and his Brave New Films team and have certainly done their part to make righteous efforts. I’m disillusioned with the whole two party system. I’m baffled by some of Obama’s moves and many of the Democratic party’s moves. I’m confident that only campaign finance reform and vigorous participation from citizens, not corporations will change things for the better. Let’s all turn our dissatisfaction into positive action… talk-action=0.

Happy day of good will and peace on earth from a proud agnostic humanitarian. If a god made all this, he or she was quite mischievous if not mean-spirited.


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Ben a dit…

Shepard Fairey graphiste de talent... mouais... surtout un bon exploiteur d'imagerie populaire ;)

j. a dit…

c'est la popculture quoi

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